Capchur My Places

As you travel, work, play or just go throughout your day, Capchur effortlessly recognizes important locations. Upload media files and share your thoughts as public, private or share with friends.

My Caps

The list of all of your Meaningful Moments Capchured as well as a timeline showing where life has taken you.

Explore Caps

Where you can find who's on Capchur and what they've shared. Find your friends. Like, Comment and Share.

Common Ground

One of Capchur's coolest features allows you to see how many friends have been to the same place at the exact same time as you have. It also allows you to see friends that have created Meaningful Moments at the same locations you have visited. Great minds think alike!

Meaningful Moments

Add Meaningful Moments using photo metadata, when notified at your current time and place or by scrolling through your previous location. It's all at your fingertips.


All of your friends, your friend list, and common events show up here.
You can also be notified when a friend shows up wherever you are!


Your story didn’t start today. Import your favorite posts from social media sites to add to your story.

Export to PDF

Anytime you want to see your story laid out in beautiful chronological order with pictures, video, dates, times and maps just export to PDF. We’ll have it ready for you in minutes.


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